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Taizhou Huangyan Lisheng Mould Co., Ltd is located in China mold hometown--Huangyan,Taizhou ,Zhejiang province.It has convenient transportation, beautiful scenery and perfect industry chain.

The company is specialized in plastic injection mold,related products production and related service.Lisheng Mould can provide all-round one stop service as mould design,manufacturing ,inspection,mould fittings and product production.Our company is jointly created by a number of management and technical personnel with many years of experience in Canton and foreign mold companies.

Our products are mainly auto parts,motorcycle parts,gas-assisted molds,few home appliances,daily necessities, and fast testing molds.

Lisheng Mould has a plant area of 1200 square meters.We have all kinds of advanced mold processing equipment and inspection equipment,such as High-speed carving,High-speed milling, Electric spark,Precision grinding machine,Vertical milling machine and other related processing equipment, more than 30 people as processing and manufacturing technicians,and most of them have years of experience in precision machining of high-level.We can annually produce more than 300 sets of small and medium-sized molds, and 50 sets of large-sized molds.The precision can be controlled within 0.01mm.

Most of the company's molds supply domestic large-scale enterprises and related automobiles, electric vehicles and motorcycles and electric vehicle OEMs. We are committed to providing medium and high-end mold.The proportion of international trade accounts for 20%, mainly exported to Southeast Asia, Russia, India, Egypt and other countries.

With the rapid development of the company, in order to better provide customers with better products and more diverse choices, we continue to learn and summarize, have achieved design standardization, process standardization and standardization of system processes, and move toward higher levels. The success of our customers is our greatest recognition and our pursuit.

Lisheng now has a number of stable and long-term cooperation customers, and currently the main supply targets: Daun Group, Yujie Auto, Sundiro Honda, China National Heavy Duty Truck, Fuzhuo Automotive Interior, Beijing Yingfeng Litai Industry and Trade, Shanghai Jiade Plastics and other industrial companies.

Lisheng adheres to the tenet of honesty,high quality,effective team work,whole-hearted service.In the whole process of efficient operation and service, we deep cultivation of technology, strict quality, providing you with first-class solutions for your project of injection mold and product production.We always think from the customers point of view,for this reason,Lisheng has been recognized by customers and awarded asExcellent Suppliersand Best Partner Of the yearand was selected as a member of The Hubei Mould Association.

We believe that our quality products and services will bring more companies that share commom principles with us.Customers succeed is our pursuit and happiness.