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Goggles mold

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Product Details

Product name: Goggles mold

Product use: medical protective equipment

Product material: PE

Mold number: LS20203

Injection machine tonnage: 160T

Injection method: cold runner

Gate way:

Number of mold cavities: 1

Design Software: UG

Mold steel: S136

Surface treatment: surface nitriding of movable parts

Mould life: 500,000

Production cycle: 30 days

Packaging instructions: plastic film + wooden box / pallet

Brand Name: Lisheng Mould

Mold Origin: Taizhou, China

Taizhou Huangyan Lisheng Mould Co.,Ltd.

Contact Person: KerranWei

Department: Sales Department

Post: Sales Manager

Telephone: +8613958594662

Landline: +86 0576-84435476

Company Address: NO.26,Kangqiang Road,Beicheng street, Huangyan district,Taizhou city,Zhejiang province,China.

Website: www.lisheng-mold.com

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